Hi there and welcome to All Hail. This is a humble attempt at a fansite for the one and only Joel McHale, actor, comedian and personality extraordinaire. Mr. McHale is one of my favorite famous people ever, and here I will hope to accomplish informing the masses (or at least a couple people) about him. Talent, charm and incredible good looks are some of the reasons why this wonderful man can be seen so many places - on TV, on stage and in films. Joel is best known as host of the only tolerable show on E! Network, The Soup, as well as the brilliant and heartfelt television series Community, which airs on NBC.

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Joel Edward McHale was born on November 20, 1971, in Rome, Italy. His parents are Laurie and Jack McHale. He is the middle of three children, all boys. Joel grew up in Seattle, Washington. He attended Washington University where he got his bachelor's degree in History and his Master of Fine Arts degree in Acting from the university's Professional Actors Training Program.

Joel is married to Sarah Williams. The couple wed in 1996 and have two children, Isaac Hayden and Edward Roy. They live in the Hollywood Hills.


Title Role Year(s)
The Soup Himself (Host) 2004-Present
Community Jeff Winger 2009-Present
Sons of Anarchy Warren 2012
Ted Red 2012
The Big Year Barry Loomis 2011
Spy Kids: AtTitW Wilbur Wilson 2011
The Informant! Bob Herndon 2009
Of course, these are just a few of Joel's works. More can be found at IMdB.

joel the host

the soup

Joel McHale is host of The Soup, a clip show currently airing on E! Network. You can catch it on Wedensdays at 10 PM and at various other times over the next several days/till the next episode of the show airs. The Soup is something of a remodeled version of the former E! show Talk Soup. This newer version premiered in 2004 with Joel as host. Clips from various television shows, including daytime talk shows, soap operas and reality television, are played. It is Joel's job to introduce each clip and then, once it's over, deliver an insult about the clip's subject. I think it's safe to say that most of the time, the persons involved have it coming. Many times, Joel will also partake in a little sketch, holding up some sort of prop or interacting with a guest star on the set. He'll even dress up on occasion, such as when he donned a Rainbow Brite costume. And he's not above getting physical, either. Who can forget the time Seth Green practically climbed up him?

Joel w/ Soup guest Lucy LawlessSpeaking of, special guests are another feature of The Soup, and it Joel's job to introduce and interact with them. Most, if not all times, he'll say "Lucy Lawless (eg.), what are you doing here?" It's a funny habit of his that has even been poked fun at on one of the anniversary or special episodes of The Soup.

live with kelly

I thought it would also be important to discuss Joel as a visiting co-host of the Live with Kelly morning talk show. Joel has co-hosted the show on several occasions, as a temporary replacement for Regis after his departure. (As a note, he's poked fun at Regis several times on The Soup.) Personally, I think he does an exceptional job. He's charming, he's funny and he definitely has a good rapport with Kelly. He also appears to be very comfortable with the guests, something which may have carried over from always having guest stars (however briefly they appear) on The Soup. In addition, Joel has also been a guest on Live! a few times.

joel the actor


Joel McHale as Jeff WingerJoel's largest role to date is that of Jeff Winger, main character of the NBC comedy series Community. The show is about a study group at Greendale (CO) Community College. Jeff is a former lawyer who was disbarred when it was revealed that he got his degree from University of Colombia (the country), not Columbia University. What starts out as an attempt to get into the pants of fellow classmate Britta Perry (Gillian Jacobs) ends up creating the most notorious group of students at Greendale - the Greendale Seven. This group of students become friends and make sure to have at least one class together each semester. Jeff is seen as their leader.

from 3.04, Remedial Chaos TheoryI absolutely adore Joel as Jeff. I hate to stereotype lawyers, but I think he does a wonderful job capturing the egoism and snark of one. (Or would-be lawyer, in Jeff's case.) But Jeff is more than just a stereotype; he's a pretty layered guy, and Joel manages to portray that very well. Jeff comes to care about the study group, as a whole and for each member of the group. Joel brings not only sarcasm and arrogance to the table, but genuine caring and happiness at being part of a family. One of my favorite examples of the latter is the way he smiles when his character Jeff is watching the rest of the study group dance to "Roxanne" at the end of episode 3.04, Remedial Chaos Theory. He also does a magnificient job channeling Jeff Goldblum. And I have to mention episode 3.08, Documentary Filmmaking: Redux, in which Jeff is cast as the Dean in a short film being made about Greendale. Jeff's portrayal of Dean Pelton is wonderfully spot-on, so you have to give Joel credit for being able to act as someone who is acting as someone else. It's also pretty amazing how Joel acts out Jeff's believing that he actually is the Dean.

other television

Joel has had small parts on various television shows. He made a brief appearance on an episode of Will & Grace as Grace's short-lived boyfriend who is suggested to be a married man. Joel has also appeared on Diagnosis Murder, CSI: Miami and Pushing Daisies, to name a few. He's even done voice work for Disney Channel's Phineas and Ferb, where he played Sarcastic Norm Head.

the charm factor

What makes Joel so appealing, to me anyway, is his immense charm. He is completely likable despite the fact that he makes a living poking fun at people. It is the way he delivers insults, for one thing. He is so good at it. And yes, he does have some writers for The Soup. But he writes for it as well, and he's the one who has to take the heat for it. I believe he once was threatened by Mickey Rourke. It takes a certain skill level to be snarky yet likable, and Joel accomplishes it beautifully. I think it helps that the people he does insult deserve it, for the most part. But even when they don't, the way and timing in which Joel delivers the zingers make it impossible not to laugh. Even if he didn't write them, it's his delivery and that clever smile that make it so funny. He really is flawless.

getting animated

Thanks to the awesome creative minds behind Community, the cast has been animated on several occasions. This section is for fun mostly (or completely), but I also find it interesting to look at all the various versions of Joel McHale as he appears animated. It's funny to see how his physical characteristics are carried over to the drawn world. I especially like how much of the time his character Jeff's trademark looks of boredom and annoyance are expressed. These are all from Community, as I mentioned above, and the screencaps are from fishsticktheatre. Anything he has done voice work for outside this show isn't included, because those characters weren't created as animated versions of Joel himself.

2.11: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas   2.21: Paradigms of Human Memory   3.09: Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism   3.20: Digital Estate Planning


Here you will find some scans from various magazines and other published sources. These were all scanned by me. You are free to use them for icons, layouts and wallpapers. Credit would be nice but is not necessary.
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about all hail

All Hail was created as a part of the One Page One Month Encore marathon at the Amassment community. I have owned the fanlisting for Joel for a couple years now, and the idea of making a fansite for him as well has crossed my mind many times over that period. When this marathon rolled around I decided I would finally try my hand at making a small site dedicated to Mr. McHale, who is one of my favorite actors EVER and also my favorite tv personality of all time. He makes me smile and laugh with almost no effort, and who can deny that he looks like Adonis whenever he is shirtless. (I had to be shallow somewhere.) I really love this man, and it's one of my life goals to get to see him on stage sometime. All Hail is something of a thank-you to Joel McHale, for bringing joy to my life every week. :)

The layout was made in PSP9 and coded in Notepad. Resources used are credited here. I chose the name "All Hail" because I wanted to do a play on Joel's last name McHale. But it does fit him because he is hail-worthy. He acts, he hosts, he does stand-up, and he's a family man. So, yeah, that's pretty awesome.

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